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Mentorship is powerful and incredibly useful in anyone’s career. The long-term impact of mentoring can be life and career changing.

Mentoring is a long term relationship where the focus is on supporting the growth and development of the mentee. The mentor is a source of wisdom, teaching and support.

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We firmly believe in the value of mentoring as a tool for organizational learning. We are also convinced that mentoring plays a strategic role in the fulfillment of HR goals and are therefore committed to sharing knowledge, perspective and insights regarding best practices in HR and to advance the cause of the HR profession within and beyond Nigeria.


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How To Have Your Best HR Year Ever

A couple of weeks to the end of 2017, two of my mentees (I have several of them) approached me and asked for tips on how to make 2018 their best HR career year ever. I was fascinated by their request and interested in understanding the reason behind it.

I was curious to know why they felt they needed tips for the upcoming year.  So I enquired about how they fared professionally in 2017. I also sought to know their HR objectives for the year: what goals they set and how well they executed those goals.

Their responses were a dead giveaway, as It was obvious that 2017 had been an unintentional year for them. They had established several goals, but failed to execute most of them.  As a result, 2017 came and went with the wind. There were no notable work achievements and no professional footsteps in the sand. In fact, that they had added no strategic value to their organisations in 365 days!

Thankfully, whether as a result of a yearning to do more and be more, or perhaps as a result of pressure from their management; they were desperate to ensure that 2018 did not shape up like the outgoing year. They had worthy aspirations and intentions for the New Year and were keen on translating them into reality. Hence, their request for tips on how to truly excel in their profession and have the best year ever.

After many years of working with HR professionals, I know one thing to be true – even though most HR people are keen on adding more value to their organisation, many times, those intentions remain intentions. It is my hope that these articles and the HR Mentor platform we have created will significantly improve the effectiveness and success stories of HR professionals..

In the coming weeks on this platform, I will be sharing series of articles containing tips on how HR Professionals can have a successful year.

I have researched and articulated information that have helped me and other top HR professionals achieve spectacular success in their careers. The information that will be presented in these articles are guaranteed to support the HR professional who desires to add value beyond the operational and administrative aspects of HRM.

As you read the articles, you’ll encounter new and not so new ideas. When you meet familiar information, don’t just conclude that you know these concepts. Ask yourself if you apply them consistently. Again, don’t read the articles just to learn, read with the intention to apply what you’ve learnt. As the saying goes, “Knowledge is not power. Applied Knowledge is Power.”

Welcome to 2018 and this is wishing you the best HR career year ever!

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